Image for Tzu Chi Elementary Schools are Enrolling for 2017-2018

Tzu Chi Elementary Schools are Enrolling for 2017-2018

Our comprehensive program provides bilingual English and Chinese instruction that combines a rigorous academic curriculum with character education and enrichment activities.

Through our holistic program, our students acquire the essential critical thinking skills and strength of character required to ACT - Achieve, Contribute, and Thrive in a global society. Our thematic approach keeps students interested and motivated, reducing classroom distractions and encouraging scholastic and social engagement.

We offer small class sizes that provide enhanced teacher-student contact as well as opportunities for meaningful peer interactions. In this enriched child-centered learning environment, our students receive the mentorship and emotional support needed to achieve academic excellence while cultivating self-esteem and positive character traits.

At present, our schools have begun Fall enrollment for 2017. Parents are welcome to call the campus of their choice for more information.


by Education Foundation June 28, 2017