Image for Great Love Preschools are Enrolling for 2017-2018

Great Love Preschools are Enrolling for 2017-2018


Our curriculum not only accentuates the intellectual and humanistic aspects of education, but also embraces a hands-on approach to learning and solid character building of each student.


In a nurturing and safe environment, we offer small differentiated learning experiences. The dynamic bilingual instruction in English and Mandarin enhances students’ joy in learning and their confidence in developing their innate potential.

We are extremely grateful to all the families who have shown their great support and deep trust in our programs since the establishment of our schools. We continuously strive to offer quality education while nurturing a global humanistic perspective in our students, one which exemplifies Tzu Chi’s humanitarian spirit.

At present, our schools have begun Fall enrollment for 2017. We are currently enrolling students from age 2 years and 6 months old up to 4 years 11 months. Parents are welcome to call the campus of their choice for more information.


by Education Foundation May 15, 2017