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Tzu Chi Elementary School, Walnut



1920 S. Brea Canyon Cutoff Rd, Walnut, CA 91789
Monday-Friday, 8:15am-4:00pm
(Early Care 7:30-8:15am. After School care 4:00-6:30pm)
Phone: 909.895.2125

At the Walnut campus of Tzu Chi Elementary, we nurture and educate students in Kindergarten with a culture that actively models globalism and environmentalism. As we aspire to create well-rounded, bilingual and biliterate students fluent in English and Chinese, our faculty provides an exemplary bilingual learning environment as well as a thematic character education curriculum infused with respect, compassion, gratitude, and love. We plan to grow this school each year by adding another grade level until we reach a full school of Kindergarten through fifth grade. Furthermore, we maintain small class sizes in a diverse, inclusive, and caring community to ensure that our students receive the academic and emotional support they need to excel.

To complement our comprehensive curriculum that highlights caring for the earth and personal well-being, we serve freshly-prepared, nutritious meals each day. Also, we encourage interpersonal skills development through community service activities, which offer our students an abundance of opportunities to develop relationships with members of the local community, families, and friends while pursuing their education with us.

Students at our elementary school in Walnut build character and a social conscience

How a Global Citizen Begins

While we offer a superb academic curriculum and nurture positive character traits, our students also gain community service experience and are inspired to be of benefit to the world.

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Education Programs

Our elementary school program combines bilingual English and Chinese instruction, a comprehensive academic curriculum, enrichment, and character education. The dual language approach; mathematics, science and social studies classes; group enrichment activities; and character education program create a holistic learning experience that sets students on the right course for their future education and life.

Dual Language Program: English and Chinese

For 60% of the day, students are immersed in English Language Arts instruction which emphasizes phonemic awareness and students learn to recognize the speech sounds that make up words to prepare them for reading and writing, while letter sounds are associated with images in stories. Students are exposed to a variety of high quality literature to develop complex reading comprehension skills, while reading simpler texts on their own. Learning to decode words for reading and writing is closely integrated, and spelling is taught along with patterns and rules rather than as simple memorization. The process of writing is introduced as well, including planning, writing a draft, revising, and editing. During the remaining 40% of the day, students receive Chinese Language Arts instruction, which includes the development of reading, writing, speaking, and listening skills in traditional Mandarin. These lessons are taught as a separate class, lasting 2 hours for each grade level, and each classroom consists of students who are fluent in either Mandarin or English to support collaborative learning and peer-to-peer tutoring.


Academic Curriculum

Our curriculum includes Mathematics, Science, and Social Studies, which are taught in English. Our math instruction program is balanced with equal emphasis on conceptual understanding, computational and procedural skills, and applied problem solving. Instruction is hands-on and concrete, and students develop an understanding of mathematical concepts through manipulating physical objects. These skills are reinforced by playing game that make math fun. Our science instruction program is very hands-on and experiential as well. Science concepts are introduced while students are encouraged to develop their intuition as they engage in activities and experimentation that allow them to experience what they’re learning first hand. The focus of our social studies program is on developing students’ multicultural awareness and understanding.


Character Education

We provide meaningful character education through a program that emphasizes a deep understanding of what it means to exhibit good behavior. Instruction is integrated into all aspects of the curriculum, including daily lessons and opportunities to discuss and reinforce the values learned, supporting students as they develop positive character traits. Month by month, we explore the meaning of core virtues, including respect, responsibility, gratitude, giving, compassion, courage, contentment, and perseverance. For inspirational reinforcement, Monday Words of Wisdom Quotes related to the Character Trait of the Month are shared and discussed with students. Our faculty leads by example, modeling, encouraging, and supporting upstanding morale in all settings throughout the school day.


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With love and care, our educators guide students towards academic excellence and help them build character while gaining the skills and confidence necessary to become contributing global citizens.

Our faculty is dedicated to teaching analytical skills that will lay the foundation for ongoing academic success; while nurturing creativity, exploration, and a love of learning; and guiding students towards developing character, and a compassionate, respectful outlook. Our educators mentor students with attentive care and patience so that each can develop his or her full potential, and embark on the path towards a life as an engaged global citizen who contributes to society and protects the environment.   


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2017-2018 Elementary


5 year old by September 1, 2017 for Kindergarten
6 year old by September 1, 2017 for First Grade

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Registration & Tuition

This Includes: Registration Fees ($250), Consumable Book & Materials, Classroom & Campus Yearly Supplies Fees ($650) 

$7,500 per year (10 months)